We have rebranded to KcoSoft
Tap on this link to go to new site at KcoSoft.com
We are currently working on many game titles for mobile on both Android and iOS, We how to create and support the Windows mobile platform in the future, as well as expand our portfolio of supporting business apps like techwebcast and PKTV.
Tablet support has always been an important step into creating a gaming experience that is very portable and very immersrive. So we strive here at KerryCo to make sure our games are optimized for Tablets on both Android and iPads for the best gaming experience.
iPads and Tablets
Desktop gaming is something we hope to expand to in the future most of our existing game will in the future get Windows and Mac OS support, and the platform we would like to target for this is Steam. We have found that people that want to play games on their mobile also want to play it on their PC's, this is why we are also committed to Optimize all our games for the desktop in the future.
PC and Mac